Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cards: Storyboard Card Series 1 & 2 from Skybox

Skybox held the licence to produce trading cards for Batman & Robin (taking over from Fleer who handled the Batman Forever line). They produced a massive range of cards for the movie - all of which were produced in "widescreen" format making them a couple of centimetres longer than most trading cards.

Probably my favourite set is these collection of cards featuring storyboards of some of the key sequences - I believe the artist for these was Tim Burgard. They offer a fascinating look at what the early concept for the movie looked like - in particular notice how Robin is still wearing his old costume.

Here are series 1 and 2 - which cover some of the battle at the museum from the beginning of the film.


  1. Those storyboards are amazing. Chris O'Donnell is my favorite Robin. Both Val Kilmer and Christian Bale are my favorite Batmen. Alicia Silverstone is my favorite Batgirl. Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cillian Murphy, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhardt, Anne Hathaway, and Tom Hardy are my favorite actors to play Batman villains.

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