Thursday, April 8, 2021

Cards: Storyboard Card Series 3 & 4 from Skybox

 Following on the previous post - here are the other two sets of storyboard cards from Skybox that cover Mr Freeze's imprisonment and then escape from Arkham Asylum. 

Sadly that's all Skybox released for the Storyboard card line however I have found an interestingly interview with Tim Burgard - the storyboard artist that drew these. Check it out here.


  1. Those storyboards are drawn by Tim Burgard.

  2. Production Art\Storyboards seem like a cool and unusual thing to highlight on this kind of mass market product of the time.

    Interesting that Burgard seems to contradict Schumacher's claim a few years ago that Stewart was never considered to play Freeze. There are some *slightly* cod-Shakespearian lines in the finished film ("harbingers of your doom" etc).

    His Alicia cartoon was pretty mean!

    1. Yeah, agreed. I wish they made more of this BTS stuff.

      That cartoon was super mean. It's one thing to make it in 1996 but another to proudly bring it out 20 years later.

      I don't know who to believe about Patrick Stewart. It could be Schumacher was just trying to be polite by suggesting only Schwarzenegger was considered. But on the other hand Stewart really wasn't a big "movie" star until X-Men and even then wasn't as big a "name" as Schwarzenegger.