Thursday, November 18, 2021

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Aerial Combat Batman figure from Kenner

Kenner often gets accused of producing the same old figures and just repainting them and slapping a different accessory on their back. 

Aerial Combat Batman is genuinely an attempt by Kenner to do something totally new. So I have to give them some props. Rather than make a vehicle and give you a figure to put in it, Aerial Combat Batman gives you a figure already fused into the vehicle. There’s pros and cons to this idea. 

On the one hand, the figure fits neatly, grasps the steering wheel and flips their head up when the canopy opens. You're also not going to lose the figure or the vehicle.

But on the other hand I would love to take the figure out because it looks like it would be a pretty great representation of the Ice suit Batman wears at the end. 

One day I'll hopefully track down the matching Aerial Robin figure too.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Jungle Venom Poison Ivy figure from Kenner

Sadly Poison Ivy was not best represented in the Kenner action figure line and only received two figures (despite being a major villain). 

The main one was Jungle Venom Poison Ivy - a generic representation of Uma Thurman in a plain green bodysuit. It's a little disappointing. The accessories are kind of fun though. The vines are good at tangling up other figures and the water cannon (a typical Kenner play feature) fits the character's green fingered tendencies. 

I maybe prefer the other Ivy figure (Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy - part of a two pack with Robin) but this figure does have the better accessories. Get either. Get both.