Tuesday, June 4, 2024

News: Beast Kingdom is making new Batman Forever and Batman & Robin figures

 Beast Kingdom has previewed these 8 inch (I think) figures at the Licensing Expo 2024.

They seem to be doing the same thing as McFarlane and making a whole range of Batman movie figures from Michael Keaton to Robert Pattinson and everything in between.

Most interesting are some new figures of Val Kilmer's Batman, George Clooney's Batman and a Jim Carrey Riddler figure.

I've got to say I love the look of the Riddler (maybe even more than the forthcoming McFarlane figure). The cloth jacket and bowler hat look ace.

I'm less keen on the Clooney and Kilmer figures though. I don't know, something feels a bit off about them. Their heads seem quite far off their bodies.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Mr Freeze figure from McFarlane

Finally at the end of the McFarlane line. This episode looks at Batman (which I've already reviewed) and the Build a Figure Mr Freeze. I've got to say they did a great job with Mr Freeze. I wish we had a Jeep Swenson Bane figure as well but hey, maybe that was too much to ask for.

The Mr Freeze has a great head sculpt. Really good Arnold Schwarzenegger vibes. And I love that they used a semi-translucent blue for the see-through parts of the helmet.

The only criticism I really have are the colours of the suit. The blue parts of the suit feel a bit light and flat. Obviously these lit up on the real suit but that's impossible to do on this scale. I still feel they could have come with a brighter colour. 

I've had a look at other people's customs and I think I'm going to find some shiny pearlescent blue plastic to stick over the top of these bits.

The other issue is the grey suit which really should have been painted with chrome. I'm going to try and rectify this by using a "Molotow Liquid Chrome pen, 2.0 tip" as recommended by ace action figure customizer Les Walker.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Robin figure from McFarlane

Third in the McFarlane Batman & Robin wave is Chris O'Donnell's Robin. 

It's a pretty great figure. The likeness isn't as perfect as Poison Ivy but I think it's a solid effort. The pouty lips and big jawline are there.

I love that they added some accessories for this one. There are two ice pieces that can go over his head and arm so you can recreate the part of the movie where Mr Freeze blasts him with his freeze ray. That's a neat touch.

Hopefully if this line sells well, we'll get an Ice Suit Robin in the near future. If not, I'll just have to buy a duplicate and get out the old Chrome paint.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Poison Ivy figure from McFarlane

If any character from Batman & Robin deserved a better action figure it's Poison Ivy. She got two versions for the Kenner toyline and both had a face sculpt that looked nothing like Uma Thurman and both costumes looked nothing like any of the outfits she had in the film.

25 years later McFarlane had righted that wrong and made - in my opinion - the highlight of their Batman & Robin line.

The body is really accurate to the movie costume. If I was pedantic, some of the colours could gave been closer - the red hair for instance is maybe too vibrant. But they're accurate enough for me.

It's the face sculpt that is the most impressive element. They've really captured Uma's likeness. If you only buy one figure, this is the one to get.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Batgirl figure from McFarlane

I've finally tracked down all four of the recent McFarlane Batman & Robin figures and they are glorious. I still can't quite believe they are real and not a dream.

I'm not a big collector of modern figures. I mostly buy vintage stuff from the 90s so forgive me if I don't have the knowledge to compare how these are to other modern figures.

Anyway, first off is the Alicia Silverstone Batgirl. Apart from the matt black colour (why not blue, like the movie?) I don't have much to critique.

The face could have been slightly better. Certainly adding a little black mole on his cheek help with the likeness.

The most surprising element I like is actually the molded plastic cape. I usually hate these things but this one is really well done, the ripple on the cape really give it a realism.

I'll put the Mr Freeze bits to one side and build him at the end.

Anyway, goes with out saying. If you read this blog you should buy this figure. Who knows, they sell enough we may get a Batmobile to go with it!

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - 5 Diecast Vehicle Set from Kenner

Diecast vehicles are never my favourite things to collect but I had to pick this Batman & Robin set because it was going cheap on eBay.

It contains 4 of the vehicles seen in the film - the Batmobile, Bathammer, Redbird cycle and Mr Freeze's Freezemobile. All at various scales.

Sadly Batgirl's ice cycle doesn't get a look in. Instead we're given an exclusive Mr Freeze's Thugmobile - which I'm fairly certain is a repaint from another line.

Anyway, these are fun but not essential. The accuracy is pretty loose and the paintwork isn't great. But if you want to put in the time with your own painting skills they might be worth it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - George Clooney Batman figure from McFarlane

Thanks to an extremely generous fan I have the George Clooney Batman figure from the McFarlane Ultimate Batman Collection to review.

If you are a fan of the movie Batman & Robin this is the figure you've been waiting for. The sculpt is really spot on. Maybe not as much as the Val Kilmer one but it's recognizably Clooney's face. All the details are there - yep, even the nipples.

Articulation is excellent. The only one I didn't need is the neck. They should have kept it like the movie suit and not have him able to turn his head. 

The figure is also available as a solo release (as part of a 4 figure wave (with bonus build a Figure Mr Freeze). That one comes with a plastic cape. This one has the cloth cape which is nicer.

Anyway, what are you doing reading this review. Get out there and buy one. If this sells well, maybe we'll get a Batmobile!