Thursday, December 2, 2021

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Ambush Assault Batman figure from Kenner

Given that Batman fights Mr Freeze in the film most of Kenner's figures were based around ice or heat. Far fewer were based around him battling Poison Ivy. 

Ambush Attack Batman is one of those rare exceptions. Batman is in some nifty looking green gear (so presumably he's fighting Poison Ivy). The cape pivots at the back of the waist allowing the whole thing to swing up and point two missiles forward.

This is a fun one, I like the cape missile thing - I've not seen that before - but this is maybe not a massively essential purchase... unless you're making a plant themed Batman figure collection and need something to go with Jungle Tracker Batman from the Batman Returns line.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Aerial Combat Batman figure from Kenner

Kenner often gets accused of producing the same old figures and just repainting them and slapping a different accessory on their back. 

Aerial Combat Batman is genuinely an attempt by Kenner to do something totally new. So I have to give them some props. Rather than make a vehicle and give you a figure to put in it, Aerial Combat Batman gives you a figure already fused into the vehicle. There’s pros and cons to this idea. 

On the one hand, the figure fits neatly, grasps the steering wheel and flips their head up when the canopy opens. You're also not going to lose the figure or the vehicle.

But on the other hand I would love to take the figure out because it looks like it would be a pretty great representation of the Ice suit Batman wears at the end. 

One day I'll hopefully track down the matching Aerial Robin figure too.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Jungle Venom Poison Ivy figure from Kenner

Sadly Poison Ivy was not best represented in the Kenner action figure line and only received two figures (despite being a major villain). 

The main one was Jungle Venom Poison Ivy - a generic representation of Uma Thurman in a plain green bodysuit. It's a little disappointing. The accessories are kind of fun though. The vines are good at tangling up other figures and the water cannon (a typical Kenner play feature) fits the character's green fingered tendencies. 

I maybe prefer the other Ivy figure (Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy - part of a two pack with Robin) but this figure does have the better accessories. Get either. Get both.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Heat Scan Batman figure from Kenner

Right let's keep going with the Kenner action figures. I've got a lot of these lined up. 

Heat Scan Batman was one of the first figures I remember seeing on the shelf in 1997 and possibly the first one I picked up (I can't quite remember). I had some reservations at the time. It’s BRIGHT but then again so is most of the toy line (and to be fair, the movie too). 

Putting the garish colour to one side it's a really good sculpt of Clooney with a huge chunky cape and I like the laser things that clip onto his elbows. It’s really simple but gives the figure and epic quality. 

As I mention in the video it's worth looking out for the Fuji Film exclusive that uses the same sculpt but in all black.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Batgirl figure from Kenner

Okay, I guess it's about time I start reviewing some Batman & Robin merchandise. First up is the Batgirl figure from Kenner. This was one of only two figures they made of the character and unfortunately doesn't look much like Alicia Silverstone. It was based on the concept art by Miles Teves and had a cowl rather than a domino mask. Still it's kind of a fun figure and worth getting if you like this period of action figures.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

External link: Toy Armada podcast with Aaron Archer

This week I thought it would be a good idea to highlight this great podcast called The Toy Armada. The show is hosted by "Protoman" and features Aaron Archer as its co-host.

Aaron was a toy designer at Kenner and Hasbro for many years starting in 1995 and has some great insights and behind the scenes stories. This episode he covers his work on Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Give it a listen and subscribe for more episodes.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Behind the Scenes: Mr Freeze make-up transformation

This week we're looking at the make-up transformation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The combined efforts of make up artist Jeff Dawn, assistant Jim Kail, and hairstylist Peter Tothpal.

I've got to admit the bald cap was pretty seamless on Arnie. Interesting to note the wall of Arnie mouths on the wall. I believe these were applied to Arnie's stunt doubles so that they would closely resemble him.