Thursday, December 8, 2022

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Mr Freeze bust from Quick

Apologies, took November off but I hope you checked out the Knight Force Ninjas Power Kick figure on my YouTube channel.

Anyway, this week we've got a really interesting piece of Batman & Robin merch that I'd never seen until few weeks ago when I picked it up on eBay.

This Mr Freeze bust was a give away with fast food meals at Quick - a French equivalent of McDonald's.

It's a decent sculpt but not much paint work. And I guess it's fun that they tried to include a squirting water feature to make it more playable. I'm particularly amused by the instruction on the accompanying leaflet to pop the head off on put it on your finger!

I haven't see this before but I'm definitely keeping my eye out for the Batman one now. Shame they didn't do a Poison Ivy or Bane.