Sunday, April 30, 2023

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Talking Electronic Bank from Thinkway

This was a really fun pick up and very appropriate given that I'm spending all my spare money on Batman merchandise. What a great way to save.

I've seen similar piggy banks for Star Wars - talking Darth Vader etc but didn't know they'd made one for Batman & Robin. I think you'll agree it's fun to see Batman swishing around and hear all phrases from George Clooney. 

The dialogue is stilted though - like they took a bunch of takes and edited them. It does sound like Clooney though which is good. I know some recent talking Ben Affleck Batman figures sounded nothing like him.

One thing I didn't bring up in the video is this is Danny Elfman's Batman theme. It's a shame they didn't use Elliot Goldenthal's theme. Maybe it was easier to re-licence Elfman's.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Robin Redbird cycle figure from Kenner

Of all the vehicles in Batman & Robin I think the Redbird cycle was my favourite. It was sleek, it had a little bit of colour and Robin looked cool riding it.

Thankfully Kenner translated the bike to toy form very faithfully. The bike looks great and has the usual extra play features. A missile on the front, trip bars either side and most bizarrely a rocket underneath the bike (surely this should come out the back).

The way Robin rides the bike is the only let down. I shouldn't be surprised - Kenner used this design a lot. The Street Racer Batman bike for Batman Forever worked the same, as did The Shadow movie bike.

Anyway the figure that comes with the bike looks great. It's a rework on the Battle Glacier Robin figure (the one with the snowmobile) painted yellow and black. The colour scheme reminds me of the mid 90s Nightwing costume which was also pretty great.