Monday, May 27, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Mr Freeze figure from McFarlane

Finally at the end of the McFarlane line. This episode looks at Batman (which I've already reviewed) and the Build a Figure Mr Freeze. I've got to say they did a great job with Mr Freeze. I wish we had a Jeep Swenson Bane figure as well but hey, maybe that was too much to ask for.

The Mr Freeze has a great head sculpt. Really good Arnold Schwarzenegger vibes. And I love that they used a semi-translucent blue for the see-through parts of the helmet.

The only criticism I really have are the colours of the suit. The blue parts of the suit feel a bit light and flat. Obviously these lit up on the real suit but that's impossible to do on this scale. I still feel they could have come with a brighter colour. 

I've had a look at other people's customs and I think I'm going to find some shiny pearlescent blue plastic to stick over the top of these bits.

The other issue is the grey suit which really should have been painted with chrome. I'm going to try and rectify this by using a "Molotow Liquid Chrome pen, 2.0 tip" as recommended by ace action figure customizer Les Walker.

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