Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Magazine Article: Film Review magazine - May 1997

This week we've got a couple of articles from Film Review magazine (yup that's the title) that came out in May 1997. At the time very little was known about the film other than the trailer and some stills.

Some interesting bit to note. The first article suggests that Patrick Stewart was never considered to play Mr Freeze - it was purely a bit of "fan casting". However X-Files actor David Duchovny did do a screen test to play Batman (going so far as to try on the suit). Another bit of gossip that the article includes is the speculation that Michelle Pfeiffer would might have a cameo as Catwoman - which is the first and only time I've heard this.

The second article is an interview with George Clooney who is charmingly self deprecating about taking on the role of Batman from Val Kilmer. Reading these interviews now is a little bit of case of spot the awkward quote. In this interview George says he's hoping that he won't be "the first one to screw [Batman] up." 


  1. I think Duchovny would have been a decent Batman, at least within the tone of the film.

    1. Yeah he could have been fun. I find Clooney to be one of the weak points in B&R. Duchovny could have improved the movie if he'd been cast.

    2. Don't forget Keanu Reeves. Also Johnny Depp. And Tom Cruise.

    3. They wish to have Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer to return for B&R

  2. Though the film was okay, it's just that they try and make a good story and it backfired.