Thursday, October 29, 2020

Magazine Article - Starlog #239 - June 1997

 This time we're with Starlog with an in-depth interview with producer Peter MacGregor-Scott who talks through the production while they were filming. Interesting to note that he acknowledges that the film is lighter but insists that it isn't "Adam West Batman." I don't know Peter.


  1. The Batman movies made a great deal about how to adapt the characters and interprate into something that has not been done on film before.

  2. Thanks for setting this site up for us to enjoy.

    I have an odd relationship with B&R. Even in 1997, at 10, I knew it wasn't entirely successful, but I never hated it and it does have considerable value to me in 2020.

    It sounds like a revisionist memory, but I clearly remember an awkward silence after the infamous "Bat Credit Card" when I saw this at the much missed ABC in Norwich. Robin's "please say you're for me" line, on the other hand, got a good laugh.

    I sometimes wonder if the film would have been better received had it been a shorter, full-blown camp film with no attempts at pathos (Alfred's sickness, Nora etc) or if that would have made matters worse. Still, I feel some of the recent MCU films have come surprisingly close to Batman & Robin's flippant tone (the Spider-Man films in particular IMO) so maybe its day is coming. Crazier things have happened.

    1. You're welcome. Glad people are liking the site.

      Yeah I'm similar to you. I saw it aged 13 and thought it was disappointing (I loved Batman Forever) but never quite joined the "this is the worst mobie ever made" bandwagon that the rest of the internet did.

      I agree it's main issue the clash of tones. The sick Alfred and Nora Fries sit awkwardly with the one liners and campy performances. They should have chosen one or the other. They can't have it both ways.

      I still find it a fascinating film to look at and examine. I have vivid memories of the marketing blitz that accompanies it.

      The more distance I get from it the more I enjoy it. I don't think I'll ever LOVE it but I do find it strangely appealing.

    2. Thanks Jack. You are a really nice guy for setting this site up. I started getting into the 1989-1997 films now, and they looked really good.

  3. My favorite of all the Batman Anthology films is Batman '89. Also Batman Returns. As well as Batman Forever. And my least favorite, Batman & Robin.

  4. This is why Batman & Robin is about reckon with loss.