Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - George Clooney Batman figure from McFarlane

Thanks to an extremely generous fan I have the George Clooney Batman figure from the McFarlane Ultimate Batman Collection to review.

If you are a fan of the movie Batman & Robin this is the figure you've been waiting for. The sculpt is really spot on. Maybe not as much as the Val Kilmer one but it's recognizably Clooney's face. All the details are there - yep, even the nipples.

Articulation is excellent. The only one I didn't need is the neck. They should have kept it like the movie suit and not have him able to turn his head. 

The figure is also available as a solo release (as part of a 4 figure wave (with bonus build a Figure Mr Freeze). That one comes with a plastic cape. This one has the cloth cape which is nicer.

Anyway, what are you doing reading this review. Get out there and buy one. If this sells well, maybe we'll get a Batmobile!

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