Sunday, May 28, 2023

Batman & Robin Merchandise Review - Neon Armor Batman figure from Kenner

One of the notable things about Kenner was their thriftiness. They'd often pad out toyline with existing molds. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves for instance used Hawkman and Robin (from Super Powers), a villain from Robocop and a Gamorean Guard.

Rather than be annoyed at this, I always admired their ingenuity and appreciated them trying to maximise the amount of figures in a toyline.

When it came time  to do the Batman & Robin toyline, they did reuse a few molds from the Batman Forever line. In most cases it just required a swap of a Kilmer head to a Clooney one.

Neon Armour Batman is a typical example. I think ultimately it's a downgrade but still a relatively fun figure with some cool snap on armour.

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